Funny Monday Memes To Get Your Week Started


Monday is the worst day of the week, it’s the start of the work week, you can’t sleep in for five more days and you have to deal with your boss.

Mondays can sometimes be hard and the only way to get over your Monday morning and get your week rolling is to laugh at funny Monday memes.

Monday memes are popular because people share them every week. Monday memes get shared from the time your alarm goes off in the morning to the time Monday is officially over, which is nearly 12 hours from now when we’re finishing work and going home to prepare for Tuesday.

Check out these awesome and hilarious Monday memes going viral ever since the early internet days and share them with your friends, your co-workers or even your boss.

1. Scary looking fox sleeps through alarm meme

making it through my alarms monday meme

This scary and weird looking fox looks all roughed up Monday morning after sleeping through all his alarms. Good news is he still made it to work on time.

Lots of us press snooze multiple times on our alarm and wait until the last alarm to go off before we actually wake up. Alarms on Monday morning just suck in general.

2. If Monday were a person meme

If Monday Were a Person

We all know what Monday looks like, but what if Monday looked like a person? That person would be ugly, being sarcastic of course.

I feel ugly Monday morning, my day brightens up by looking at funny Monday memes just like these.

3. Broken shopping cart feels like Monday meme

how I feel on monday meme

Luckily Monday only comes once every week if we have to look like a broken shopping cart. This wrecked shopping cart Monday meme fits perfect except, don’t crash your car while making your way to work, have some coffee first and have a wakeup shower.

4. Not sure if I hate Mondays meme

futurama Monday meme

Do Mondays hate me or do I hate Mondays? I think it works both ways, we don’t get along with each other and we hate each other with a passion. Monday suck in general.

5. Will Smith slap Monday meme

friday and monday

Remember when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars? This funny Will Smith slap meme is the perfect Monday meme. Chris Rock feels like it’s Friday, but then Will Smith slaps him reminding him it’s only Monday.

The slap was meant to improve ratings for the Oscars but it sure made for great meme content.

6. Angry Pug dog Monday meme

Dog monday meme

This funny cute puppy is sad it’s Monday. Dogs make for the perfect memes because their face expressions say so many things.

This Pug seems lazy, tired, sad and angry in one meme.

7. At work and still drunk meme

drunk on Monday meme

Barry Burbank holds his cup upside down on the Monday morning news program, it instantly turned into a news meme when viewers seen it.

It’s like when you’re going to drink on Sunday and show up the next day at work totally drunk.

8. When Monday calls meme

when monday calls monday meme

Monday calls every week just to remind you that it’s Monday. In all reality Mondays are sad and that’s why tons of memes have been made for weekdays, the most popular days being Monday and Friday.

The lady in this meme cries on the phone after Monday calls, but trust me, I would do the same thing.

9. Going to sleep on Sunday will cause Monday meme

Warning! Don’t go to sleep on Sunday, it will cause Monday in 12 hours or less!

Sundays are awesome until it’s Sunday night and Monday is about to come by.

This Monday meme is good to send your coworkers Sunday evening just before they go to bed.

10. If Monday was a haircut it would be a mullet meme

I like Mullets so I don’t agree with this meme.

When I think of Mullets I think of Tiger King, have you heard of him? Joe Exotic from Tiger King was the pandemic king of memes.

This meme says if Mondays was a haircut it would be a mullet, while I disagree not too many people have the same opinion as me.

11. Not ready for Monday graph meme

Are you ready for Monday? Not me.

This popular meme circle graph has only one answer, no one is ever ready for Monday.

Mondays can be droughting because it’s the start of the work week and it’s not exciting to go to work. I have loved some jobs but most I haven’t, this meme is perfect in those situations.

12. It’s Monday and I better get back to work meme

monday work meme

Don’t you just hate when Monday shows up and you have to get back to work? Only crazy people like Elon Musk work.

Just kidding, we all need to work to make money, with inflation being sky high we can’t afford to NOT work. I hope you had fun on your Sunday off because now it’s time to go back to work.

13. Can you relate to my Monday mood meme

monday mood meme

My Monday mood is just laying in bed all day, or until noon at least while my coworkers stay head out and go to work.

Mondays suck and we all know this, hilarious Monday memes keep showing up on Reddit every Monday. This cute dog knows best.

Just let me stay in bed and let me be huh?

14. If Mona Lisa painting was Monday meme

monday monday meme

As our list of Monday memes keeps getting longer, they get more and more funnier. Take the Mona Lisa painting for example, here is the real painting and this Mona Lisa painting above is our meme painting, it looks way different.

But this is how we feel waking up on Monday morning, like an ugly Mona Lisa.

15. Dog shows Monday face meme

monday face 1

This funny dog meme shows the dogs Monday face, he is sticking his tongue out like he hates the world right now.

I am the same way when I can’t sleep.

Dog memes are the best.

16. Funny dog flat Monday face meme

monday dog face meme 1

This dog is awesome, his Monday face says it all.

“Dis my Monday face”

17. Cat says too much Monday, not enuf coffee meme

monday cat meme 1

Cats have the best yawn face and that’s why this cat meme is going viral.

That’s exactly how I feel when I don’t get coffee in the morning, I need my coffee right away before I can continue to make my way to work.


In reality we all have our work weeks going from Monday to Friday, and sometimes Monday until Saturday, we need to make money to survive and there’s very few ways around this, like winning the lottery. Unfortunately millions of people don’t win the lottery and have to go to work every week. At least we have memes to make our day go by a little bit faster.

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