The Funniest Elon Musk Memes After Buying Twitter


Elon Musk is a very well-known entrepreneur who has made breakthroughs in the fields of electric cars, rockets, and solar power. He is also the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink. Musk is considered the king of memes himself because he has shared so many memes over the years on social media.

He recently made an offer to buy Twitter for $44 billion, and the offer was accepted. The main goal for Musk to buy Twitter was their strict moderation rules, 1000’s of people were banned from Twitter since 2016 and Musk doesn’t think that’s fair. He said free speech is important to him and democracy.

After the sale was announced the memes started rolling in, mostly on Twitter, and we were there to capture them.

Here are 17 of the funniest Elon Musk memes we found that were already spread all over the web.

1. Elon Musk says Parag Agrawal, you’re FIRED meme

musk fires twitter ceo

This meme between Elon Musk and current Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal describes that Musk fires their CEO after he bought the company. Usually the very first changes a company makes when purchasing a company is to make changes to the leaders of the company.

This Elon Musk meme went viral because everyone has the same feeling, fire the CEO and make proper moderation changes.

2. Muscled Elon Musk flies the Twitter bird meme 

musk flying on twitter bird

Someone photoshopped Elon Musk’s head to this man with huge muscles flying the Twitter bird to make this meme. This Elon Musk meme describes how powerful the billionaire looks after purchasing Twitter and taking the company off the stock market, making them a private company.

The meme shows Musk flying the bird and his followers close behind.

3. Elon Musk names his child X Æ A-Xii meme

musk child

While this meme is totally unrelated to the purchase of Twitter, it describes the history Elon Musk has with memes, he named his child X Æ A-Xii for the memes? The fact that he said it is a meme in itself. The hashtag #elonmuskbaby went viral shorty after his wife gave birth to their first baby.

There’s no way I can pronounce X Æ A-Xii but if you want to give it a shot here is a small lesson.

4. Worry about how politicians spend your money, not Elon Musk meme

musk and politics

After Musk bought Twitter people came out and triggered, especially people on the left side of politics. They claimed Musk could end world hunger and what not but they fail to worry about how their own politicians spend their money like Joe Biden, the American president who currently has a track record of huge inflation.

This meme is for people like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who support Joe Biden but complains what Elon Musk does with his money, a private citizen.

This is a meme between the billionaires of the world and politicians, the two don’t normally see eye to eye because the government usually wants all their money.

5. Elon Musk is happy to when buying Twitter vs solving world hunger meme

musk 44 billion

This meme is the opposite of what we described in the 4th meme, here Elon Musk has a disappointed face when the idea of solving world hunger for $6 billion comes up, but he has a happy face when the idea of buying Twitter for $44 billion comes up.

Musk is a private citizen and make his money through hard work and some luck, he should be allowed to whatever he wants with his money.

6. How Elon Musk feels after buying Twitter 

Elon Musk Twitter Memes

In this meme Musk feels like the supervillain Thanos after buying Twitter, very strong and powerful over the Twitter tweet bird logo, and so he should.

The Thanos holding the Twitter bird meme is one of the most powerful images to go viral because it’s true.

6. Elon Musk should buy Amazon from Jeff Bezos next meme 

elon musk buys amazon meme

Jeff Bezos is another dot com billionaire after starting Amazon, in this meme Elon Musk simply adds to his cart for checkout lol.

A very simple meme yet it has a powerful message.

7. Elon Musk is the lion king meme 

elon musk lion king

We’ve all seen Lion King when we were young, one of the most iconic scenes in the movie is when the Lion King holds his son up in the air on top of a ledge signaling leadership.

In this meme Elon is the Lion King holding the Twitter logo up in the air signaling leadership while leftists civilians cry and get triggered below. A perfect example of what’s happening today.

8. Elon Musk should buy Doritos and fill the bags up all the way memeelon musk doritos

We’ve all had Doritos, and we’ve all been disappointed that the bags were only filled up half-way, the rest was just air.

This meme wasn’t actually posted by Elon Musk himself but rather made by a Tweet generator.

The timing was great for this meme because it was made shortly after Elon Musk bought Twitter and that’s why it went viral.

9. Elon Musk buys Twitter just to delete it meme

elon buys twitter

Elon Musk bought Twitter just to delete from the Web so you can go outside and enjoy your life, and he is going to buy Facebook next from Mark Zuckerberg and do the same thing!

Just Kidding!

But it would be wise for you just to delete the two apps from your phone and get out and enjoy life the the meme suggests. This meme wasn’t actually tweeted by Musk, is was also made with a fake meme generator after Musk purchased Twitter.

10. Twitter stock holders meme 

twitter stock

Did you have stocks in Twitter just recently? Well if you bought them a long time ago you made some money because Elon Musk just bought your stocks.

This meme shows a person being all worried and confused after Elon Musk purchased all Twitter stocks and took the company private.

11. Elon Musk old picture prevented from retweeting meme

old musk picture meme

This is an old picture of Elon Musk which I assume he hates, did he buy Twitter for just so people stop retweeting this photo? Likely not, but that didn’t stop people from sharing this meme about it.

12. Elon Musk earned the respect of the meme community

must is a memer

Musk has posted hundreds of memes over the years and therefore he has earned the respect of the meme community. In this meme ordinary celebrities aren’t as popular as the great Elon Musk.

Musk is popular in the Dogecoin community as well, the meme cryptocurrency. Musk sometimes tweets about Doge causing the price of the coin to skyrocket for short bursts.

13. Elon Musk wants dank memes 

musk wants dank memes

Musk once tweeted that people should comment their dankest memes, someone response that he is 47 years old and that became a dank meme in itself.

When it comes to memes Musk has not aged at all, he keeps sharing memes even at 50 years old today.

14. Elon Musk will become a supervillain one day meme

musk villain

Is Elon Musk already a supervillain? He may be since he purchased Twitter for billions of dollars.

If Twitter is Musk’s bad experience then he will become a supervillain and be much stronger.

15. Elon Musk bought Twitter faster then I can order pizza meme

musk twitter

It only took several days for Musk to decide and buy Twitter for billions of dollars, a decision that would take some of us a few lifetimes. This meme says “Elon Musk takes lesser time in buying companies than I do in deciding what pizza to order” and that is 100% accurate.

16. Elon Musk should add the Tesla logo to the Twitter logo meme

musk twitter

As we all know Elon Musk owns Tesla as well, while I’m personally not a fan of Tesla I think their logo looks cool, and this meme gives Elon a hint that he should add the logo, and possibly add it to the like button.

17. Let’s spice up Twitter meme

musk throwing salt

Twitter used to be boring, but now that Musk owns Twitter it’s time to add the Dogecoin to the Twitter logo and spice it up, just like Chefs add salt to a steak.


I am a big fan of Elon Musk, the billionaire has made some great attributions to society and it seems like he will continue to do so until the end of his life. He is hoping Mars will be colonized before the end of his life and I hope we can do this.

Because Musk has made such a huge impact in his lifetime he has many critics and fans alike, the only thing that will keep us moving forward with laughs is memes.

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