Funny Dog Memes That Will Keep You Entertained For Hours


Dogs are awesome pets, they are funny, hilarious and quirky. Dogs and puppies make for the best memes.

Dog memes are the most popular type of meme out there, it’s almost a guarantee that if you go scroll your social media feed you will see a dog meme from one of your friends. Most of these dog memes are happy dog memes, sad dog memes, and dogs asking for food memes.

The best time to check out these funny dog memes is when you’re away at work and your dog is at home waiting for you, you miss your pet and need something to brighten up your day, these dog memes are sure to do just that.

Check out these funny dog memes we collected from the web and social media, including Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.

1. Dog taking selfie meme

dog selfie meme

Not only do people take selfies, but so do dogs and cats, except they do it by accident and look funny when the image is captured. This dog taking a selfie meme can be sent to your friends to brag to them how smart your dog really is.

2. Cute Husky dog wants to lick faces

dog licking meme

Some dogs are angry while most dogs are happy and just want to lick your face, even when they have push their face through a fence in the hole they can barely fit.

This funny Husky meme proves just that, he wants to lick your face even though he doesn’t know you and just wants to be friendly.

Husky dogs are very friendly and make for big, but great pets.

3. Lazy fetch dog meme with Karen owner

dog lazy meme

All this dog wants to do is play fetch and his Karen owner is just playing games.

We all know Karen memes, and some dogs see their owners as total Karen’s.

Don’t be a Karen and just throw the ball like the meme says. The dog is right!

4. Winking Dog is allowed on the furniture meme

dog furniture meme

Are your dogs allowed on the furniture in your home? You probably said no at first then gave in because they are so cute.

The dog in this meme winked at the owner knowing he is too cute to not let on the furniture.

Smart dog.

5. Beware, Dog wants cuddles meme

dog cuddles meme

You know a lot of times people have beware of dog signs in front of their homes, but this meme shows a lab dog warning you that he might cuddles instead.

Many dog owners put beware of dog signs up sarcastically because dogs are usually harmless, but some dogs are angry and you should be careful. This hilarious dog meme shows that this dog is friendly and wants cuddles, give him some head pats and he will be happy.

6. Big dog following small dog meme

dog cop meme

This Pitbull is following the smaller Chihuahua who is sprinting away slowly. The meme saying that feeling when a cop follows you all the way home from work is very accurate.

The Chihuahua is running away looking scared but he probably instigated it. Usually Chihuahua’s aren’t afraid of anything and will bark and try to intimidate bigger dogs, the bigger dog usually gives them a bark back and scares them.

7. Dog doesn’t want the cat meme

dog cat meme

This long eared dog even looks like a nerd, he says he did the math and we can’t afford the cat. I am not surprised because naturally dogs don’t like cats until they get to know them a little bit.

Once they get to know each other cats and dogs can be best of friends, but when you’ve owned a dog for a long time and all of a sudden bring in a cat, I can assure you the dog won’t be happy at all.

8. Dogs bark at night for no reason meme

dog barking meme

Has your dog ever barked at nothing? If you said no I won’t believe you. All dogs barked at one point at absolutely nothing and memes like this one are everywhere.

“I don’t always bark at night, but when I do, it’s for no reason at all.”

This quoted meme comes from the original The Most Interesting Man in the World meme.

9. What kind of dog doesn’t bark meme

dog bark meme

When you tell your dog to stop barking you’re talking to a wall. Your dog is going to laugh at you and ask you “what kind of dog doesn’t bark?”

All dogs bark, sometimes they bark at nothing and something they have a valid to reason to bark, to protect you. But I bet 90% of the time they have absolutely nothing to bark at, that’s why the dog in this meme gives you the smirk.

10. Scared dog after interacting with people meme

dog and people meme

Interacting with people can be hard sometimes, especially for dogs. This hilarious and funny dog meme can be shared with one of your friends after you interact with them and leave, making them think the interaction was super awkward.

Even dogs can be frightened or scared after meeting new people, they sit under a chair or in the corner fearing for their lives.

This meme is meant to be sarcastic by a worried looking dog.

11. Dog wants his chicken nuggets meme

boxer dog meme

Dogs can get up in your face pretty fast, especially if you have chicken nuggets from KFC. Dogs expect to be fed every time you eat something.

The dog in this meme gets up near the owners face and looks him dead in the eyes “Where are my chicken nuggets??”

12. Bear dropped off at doggy daycare meme

bear dog

Okay this is a funny dogs meme post, but we had to include this because this bear cub looks almost exactly like a happy puppy.

The bear cub was dropped off at a doggy daycare and the dog sitters were shocked but they seemed happy about it.

This cute bear will have the time of his life playing with the dogs.

13. Fake eyebrows on dog meme

are you bored dog meme

Our dogs always make fun of us and smirk at us behind our back, it’s time to return the favor.

Next time you’re bored draw fake eyebrows on your dog and laugh until he gets his next bath.

14. Rolex watchdog meme

watch dog

This dog is just too cute to be a watchdog, that’s why this funny cute dog meme exists.

His name is Rolex because he’s a pretty dog.

15. Tired Pug dog meme

tired dog meme

This Pug dog meme is very popular for tired memes, the image is usually a template that someone uses when posting work meme or Monday memes.

It’s funny because we’ve all seen tired dogs that don’t wanna move. This Pug fits the description for this meme.

16. Tongue out dog meme

smiling dog meme

Quick! Take the picture, the dog is smiling in this meme with his tongue out.

The dog seems to think he’s smiling but he’s just making fun of his owner.

17. Worried dog pee pad meme

pug dog meme

This worried pug dog sits on the mattress thinking it’s a pee pad, well it’s not. Wipe that worried look off your face and find the actual pee pad doggy.

18. Happy dog meme

happy dog meme

We see a lot of happy dog memes, this one makes me smile. Labrador dog are amazing family dogs and will always make humans smile.


This is the end of dog memes for now, we will be posting many more dog memes in future post because we have dogs as pets in our own home.

These dogs take our stress away and keep us out of the house, the greatest gift to human health.


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