Funny Cat Memes to Laugh Your Way to Happiness


Not only do cats make for awesome pets, but they also make for great memes. Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world and at one point in our lives we had a pet cat.

Funny cat memes are being shared everyday on social media, one of the most popular ones are the crying and sad cat memes because while they are sad, they are funny enough to share. The most viral cat meme has to be the grump cat memes. The Grump Cat is so popular it has it’s own Wikipedia page! The female grumpy cat named Tardar Sauce first became a meme in 2012 and lived happily for 7 years when she died peacefully in 2014.

Cat memes are everywhere, there is white cat memes, black cat memes, coughing cat memes and so many more. Cat memes are usually clean memes and can be shared by anyone, especially when you celebrate a birthday or just need to be lifted up when you’re having a downer day. We have put together 24 of the most hilarious cat memes found to date, check them out and send them to your friends.

1. Cat looking for mouse on computer meme

cat looking for mouse meme

Cats have a natural ability to hunt for mice, so when this meme popped up of a hilarious cat looking for a mouse on a laptop computer it made perfect sense to turn it into a meme. Laptops come with a mouse pad therefore no computer mouse is needed.

This funny cat meme would be perfect for a laptop lover, like myself.

2. Coughing cat looks like a kid pretending to cough meme

cat kid coughing meme

Kids naturally hate school and sometimes pretend to be sick, but this is what they look like when they pretend to cough, they look like the coughing cat.

This hilarious white coughing cat meme fits perfect in this situation, the cat is pretty obviously faking the cough.

3. Cat runs like a hovercraft meme

cat flying

This picture was taken at the perfect time to show the cat nearly flying, like a hovercraft. The happy cat is having fun or excited to see you.

Hovercraft to base… requesting permission to land!

4. Demanding cat wants to be fed meme

cat demands food meme

This demanding white and brown cat has seen their owner came home to the house and now is demanding to be fed.

Maybe that’s the reason automatic cat feeders were invented? People are scared to come home to their pet cats because they may look cute, but when they are hungry they can look mean.

5. Two cute kittens in crocs meme

cat crocks meme

Crocs are ugly but very comfortable, the only way to make crocs look good is to stuff them full of kittens and boom, you got cute crocs.

This is perfect example of a cute and clean cat meme.

6. Funny cat meme making ugly face

cat camera meme

Cats are usually cute, but in this case the cat has to make an ugly face to try out the new camera on the phone.

Both iPhones and Android phones are competing who has the better camera, in this case the cat makes a super ugly face to try it out.

7. Cat looks like a bomb went off in her face meme

cat bomb meme

The mix between the look and color of this cat makes it look like a funny cartoon bomb went of in its face. She seems surprised and shocked at the same time.

This is why memes just work sometimes. Cats make the perfect candidate like this example.

8. Cat tries to look cute instead of guilty meme

cat blaming dog meme

If you have both cats and dogs as pets I can surely tell you that dogs are cuter. This hilarious cat meme shows just that.

“If I just keep looking cute, they’ll surely blame the dog”

Cats can make a mess, and you can sometimes tell when they have that guilty look, but in this meme as long as the cat keeps looking cute she won’t get blamed.

9. Cat crawling under leg meme

cat awkward meme

If you’re looking for a weird creepy cat meme, this is the one.

We all know cats like to crawl everywhere, there is no limits, not even in weird and creepy positions like under our legs.

10. Cat acts normal before crush meme

cat acting natural

Cats have a weird way of looking normal, they can put themselves in weird body positions and make themselves look really awkward. Maybe that’s a way for cats show they truly love someone? We will never know.

This awkward and weird cat meme can be sent to your boy or girl crush if you dare, and if you’re an awkward person.

11. Hilarious bro cat meme

bro cat meme

Does your cat have a bro? This one does. In this white cat meme the cat asks her bro “heard you had a lady over last night!”

You respond with a cat style high five. That’s bro code right there.

12. Accidental selfie cute cat meme

accidental selfie cat meme

In this meme the cat takes an accidental selfie and it looks cute as every. The white kitten seems worried but I bet the owner is happy the cat accidentally took the picture. I’ve been waiting for my pet to take a selfie by accident with my phone and it’s never happened.

This funny cat meme would be good for Instagram if you have any friends there.

13. Cat sleeping in after alarm goes off meme

sleeping cat meme

This is 100% me! This sleepy cat meme slept in and is going to be late for work. Pressing the snooze button sucks when you have to wake up early for work.

In this funny meme the cat slept in for 2 hours, that’s sounds about right because that’s probably how long it would take me to wake up.

14. There’s always that one sister cat meme

sisters cat memes

Kittens are cute, but there’s always that one awkward kitten that’s like a black sheep of the family, just like your sister.

There is two normal kittens and one kitten that has to make an ugly face in this meme.

15. Not guilty cat meme

mistake cat meme

This guilty cat meme is NOT guilty. That’s what she tried to imply.

I don’t always do stupid mistakes, but when I do, I act like it never happened and lick myself.

16. Loading cat meme

loading cat meme

Sometimes cats just freeze in their tracks and this makes the perfect time add a loading logo in the image to make it a meme.

Send this to your friends who always pause after a question to think, like Elon Musk does.

17. Liquid cat meme
liquid cat

Cats can fit into super tight holes and turn themselves into liquid. This funny liquid cat meme can fit into a small drawer making it look like she turned into liquid with her big fur.

18. Hungry cat demanding food from sick owner meme

hungry cat meme

If you’re not feeling well sometimes and have a cat you might be in trouble. When cats are hungry they need food, no matter if you’re not feeling so good or at home sick with covid.

Share this funny demanding cat meme with your sick friend to make them feel better.

19. Grumpy cat Titanic meme

grumpy cat

I liked Titanic, my favorite character was the iceberg, says the grumpy cat.

This grumpy cat meme shows she was happy people died on the Titanic, sarcastically obviously.

20. Sad cat thinks she’s ugly

crying ugly cat meme

Sad cat memes are funny because they can mean so much in a single image. This poor cat is sad because it doesn’t seem like she is getting fed enough while sitting at the table. “Is it because I’m ugly?”

21. Cat hates toys, but likes garbage meme

cat wants the box meme

This cat is like my dog except the cat wants to use the box as a tiny house, my dog wants to fight and eat the box.

Cats are known to use boxed as little hiding spots, which is one of their favorite toys ever, so they don’t care what kind of toy is in the box, they don’t want the toy.

22. Grumpy cat wants you to shut up meme

cat shut up meme

Cats love quiet time, that’s why this grumpy angry cat wants you to shut up. So stay quiet and let the cat have her high moment.

23. Cat says NO meme

cat no meme

No! Just NO says the grumpy cat in this meme.

24. Crying cat getting up to work meme

crying cat meme

This is exactly my life when I wake up in the morning and have to go to work, the story of my life.

This poor cat first has to wake up, brush her teeth, have a shower, drink some coffee and have breakfast, and finally drive to work. This cat was crying the whole way through the whole morning process.

Send this hilarious crying cat meme to one of your coworkers and make them laugh.


Cat memes are hilarious and can make anyone smile at any given time, they are the most popular animals memes and can help a person get their day started on good vibes especially when they have cat pets.

Share these memes with your cat friends and see their reaction.

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