Hilarious 2022 Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


It’s finally 2022, the last few years have been rough while we sat and waited for the coronavirus to pass. Most of you probably sat at home watching Netflix or buying stuff on Amazon while some of us still worked. The term memes was first discovered 45 years ago in 1976, and up until 2022 to this day memes get shared constantly throughout the internet.

Since so many people sat at home it was the perfect time for people to make memes, millions of memes were created in 2019, 2020 and 2022, these are memes of people making countdowns to a special occasion like Easter, Valentines day, or even cat memes, and some were created comparing history to today in a meme. We have put together the most hilarious memes of 2022.

1. People don’t care if the world is on fire meme

disney 2022 meme

The world could be on fire and burning down, people don’t care and their first worry in 2022 will be how they can get to their resort, especially in Disney fans.

This 2022 meme is the perfect example of how today’s society is, they only care about themselves.

2. God surprised that humans are still alive in 2022 meme

2022 Meme

2019, 2020 and 2021 were such bad years that even God is surprised that we’re still alive in 2022.

This funny meme is from the movie “We’re the Millers.” The template comes from the famous “You Guys Are Getting Paid?” line by Will Poulter. This is one of my favorite meme templates and lines to say at work.

3. 2021 is showing 2022 around the workplace meme

2022 It Clown New Year Meme

2021 and 2022 no longer has a world of normal people, we are just clowns and zombies. So if you need a tour around 2022 just go outside and find a clown or a zombie to show you how things work in 2022.

This funny meme of two clowns from the Joker movie is the perfect image to display for 2022, with so many bad things happening in the world.

We need some laughs to lighten our moods so here it is.

4. Me thinking we’re still in 2020 meme

2022 best meme

Are you shocked when 2021 and 2022 shake hands like nothing has happened over the past few years? Me too. We have had a worldwide pandemic, a war, some bad politician decisions and so much more that affected our lives.

There is no better way to show an example of this then to show a meme from the office.

5. Terms and Conditions of 2022 meme

2022 terms and conditions

Did we read the terms and conditions of 2022 before entered this year? You probably should have, especially since 2022 was adopted by 2021 where so many bad things happened like the massive ship that was stuck in the Zeus Canal.

2021 will never be forgotten and memes show that.

6. Do you realize that 2022 is 2020 too meme

2022 realize meme

OK, I am not one with the perfect grammar, so this hilarious meme made me laugh out loud.

If you asked me 3 years ago what this means I could never have guessed it. Like the person in this meme who pretends to be confused how 2022 is 2020 too.

7. 2022 is a prank meme

2022 prank meme

We all hope that 2022 is going to be a better year then 2021, but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.

The yellow smiley face emoji meme says 2022 is going to be a better year, but wait, no, it’s just a prank, likely an April Fool’s prank. Go back to 2021.

8. People who didn’t catch COVID by 2022 meme
2022 funny memes

Did you make it 2022 without catching COVID? The virus has infected around 500 million people around the world, so if you survived and made it to 2022 then consider yourself lucky, this meme is for you.

9. Still processing the year 2020 meme

2022 funny meme

This funny meme shows how most of us are still processing the year 2020, we haven’t fully made it out of 2020 and it’s already 2022. A whole year has past.

This 2022 meme can be shared to people who had a bad day and you just want to lighten their mood, this meme will surely do the trick.

10. Zombie apocalypse 2022 meme

zombie 2022 meme

Have you been wearing a mask and got vaccinated over the past few years? Well you might turn into a zombie!

People who haven’t word a mask and are still unvaccinated in 2022 won’t turn into a zombie according this sarcastic meme. Don’t fear my friend.

11. Replace Bat slap meme with Will Smith meme

will smith meme

The Batman slap comic has been around since 1965, meme makers have used the image to make sarcastic and funny memes up until Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars in 2022, something that took many people by surprise.

Will Smith slap memes have been spread all over the web since then. I personally think it was a stunt to get more viewers for the Oscars, woke Hollywood has caused their ratings to tank, was it a stunt to get more ratings?

12. My social skills then vs now meme

march social skills meme

My social skills from March 2020 up until March 2022 are the same as Hank Williams was when he went from rich to poor.

Mostly because people are annoying these days and people live their lives on social media, not only that but lizard man Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a meta verse, basically a system that will allow people to live in a digital word and never see the sunshine.

13. Class of 2022 meme

class of 2022

Class of 2022 is coming and we can only imagine how it will be. Parents are not used to their children growing up as zombies and meta verse kids.

In this meme the mother cries out asking if her child can just be normal for once, the child screams like he doesn’t want to have anything to do with life in general by screaming his lungs off. This is the kids of 2022, and we shall see if that’s the case this summer when kids graduate.

14. 2022 comes in with a tornado meme

angry 2022

Did you survive 2021 and couldn’t wait for 2022 to arrive? Well you’re in trouble, 2022 came and it’s a major disaster, inflation around the world is higher then ever, COVID is still around, there’s a war going on, there’s a culture war going on between political partners, should I keep going?

Maybe just cross 2022 off the list and hope for a better 2023.

15. Ending 2019 vs starting 2022 meme

2022 memes

When you’re ending 2021 looking all sexy but end up in 2022 looking like you just come out of a fight.

Congratulations, you survived.


What we can take out of 2022 memes is that we’re all excited for 2023, maybe it’s going to be better then the last 3 years. Keep laughing, smiling and keep your spirits high to get through the year and we will survive.┬áMemes are one way to get through this year, let’s do it together.


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