10 Of The Best Christmas Memes to Get You Ready For the Holiday Season


It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, there’s a chill in the air, and we can’t escape constant Christmas music or festive decorations anywhere we look. Everyone you meet seems to be either stressed or exhausted by the lead-up to the holiday season, and that includes the Internet. Memes about the upcoming Christmas are everywhere; they’re unavoidable at this point. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t funny. In fact, some of them are so ridiculous, it actually helps take away some of the stress of Christmas and just enjoy it for what it is: a time to be merry and give gifts and enjoy being with friends and family.

Christmas is a time of year when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger. Christmas is a Christian holiday that falls on December 25th, and it’s celebrated by people all around the world by getting together, and when families can’t get together they share Christmas memes in the weeks leading up to Christmas on their social media accounts. Many people decorate their homes with lights, ornaments, and Santa Claus. They also exchange gifts with each other, and they eat lots of yummy food! Many people buy presents for their loved ones at Christmas time. However, some people believe that Santa Claus brings those presents to us instead. In other words, they think that Santa Claus is real but trust me, Santa memes are very real! So, in order to make sure that Santa Claus really comes to your house, you should make sure that you have good behavior this Christmas!

We collected 25 of the best Christmas memes you can find for 2022, this year has been especially hard because we are recovering from changes to the world after the pandemic. Scroll through these memes to and have a laugh, you may even want to save some to share with your loved ones on Christmas day!

1. Santa is getting you a Dictionary meme

Santa Claus meme

Some people can’t spell and use proper grammar, especially in their social media statuses so they are getting a dictionary for Christmas.

This is an old Santa Claus meme because these days in 2022 the younger generation doesn’t care about grammar anymore, especially on social media. This meme would display well for the older generation.

2. Grumpy cat hates Christmas meme

Grumpy cat hates Christmas

Grumpy cat is one of the most influential cats in history, the meme cat is famous across all social media so her opinion should matter no? I don’t agree, Christmas is my favorite time of the year unlike the crazy ideas from Grumpy cat.

Grump cat has the right to have her opinion in this meme, she can hate Christmas all she wants. For those people who hate Christmas this is the meme for you.

3. The last thing at Christmas ornament sees before it does

Cats love Christmas ornaments, they will play with Christmas ornaments until they fall out of your Christmas tree. 

If you have cats in your house train them not to play with a tree but in some cases cats can be hard to train especially when Christmas ornaments are shiny and bright.

This Christmas ornament meme is perfect for someone who is decorating their tree before Christmas and has cats.

4. I got fat for Christmas meme

Fat cat meme

Christmas is definitely the time for getting because we all eat at Christmas. After getting back to work from the Christmas holidays people ask, what did you do? I ate, and ate some more.

This chubby cat in the meme above is the perfect example of this Christmas cat meme.

5. Santa spends all year judging you meme

Santa Claus meme

Do you deserve a gift this year? Were you naughty or nice? Santa Claus will be asking these questions and your answer will depend if your getting a gift or not this year.

This Santa Claus meme is perfect for the younger generation to determine if they deserve a Christmas present this year.

6. I’m lit and so is the Christmas tree meme

Lit Christmas tree meme

When you’re being lit it means you’re kinda drunk, except the tree isn’t drunk, it’s lit up with pretty Christmas lights. This meme fits perfect for those wanting to enjoy a beverage this Christmas.

Christmas is for getting together with family and having a few drinks here and there throughout the holidays, but don’t get drunk and make sure you have a designated driver if you need to get home.

7. Santa gave me coal so I used it meme
Disaster girl Christmas meme

We’ve all heard of the disaster girl meme template, turns out she was a bad girl all year in this meme and Santa gave her coal for Christmas. She used it to burn down the house and smirk to the camera about it.

The disaster girl is a widely popular meme template and can be used for any situation including Christmas.

8. Brace yourself. Christmas memes are coming.

Brace yourself. Christmas memes are coming meme

Christmas is almost here,  and as people say, just around the corner.

Christmas beams come from all types of meme templates and can be seen from every part of the internet including all social media channels, wether it be YouTube, TikTok, or ever Twitter. So it’s time to brace yourself, Christmas memes are coming by the end of November and will not go away until the new year.

8. Mark Zuckerberg VS Santa Claus Meme

Mark Zuckerberg versus Santa Claus meme

As we all know, Facebook, CEO and founder of Mark Zuckerberg steals all our data and information and people can’t stop making memes about it.  He uses this information to make money by selling it to advertisers who want to specifically target you especially when you’re shopping for Christmas. 

But in this meme, as we compare Mark Zuckerberg to Santa Claus, the clear winner as Santa. Santa will give you gifts. He has a nice bushy beard, he enjoys milk and cookies, and he doesn’t sell information to advertisers.  one thing Mark Zuckerberg and Santa Claus have in common is they both know everything about you, but Santa will use it for the better, Facebook won’t.

9. Dog eats Christmas cookies meme

Guilty dog Christmas meme

Someone ate the Christmas cookies, but who was it?

This dog meme shows who’s guilty when the Christmas cookies are missing, his nose is full of sprinkle from the cookies.

Dog Christmas memes are found all over and this one could be one of the best, the dog says “no, I haven’t seen any Christmas cookies” even though there’s direct evidence. Send this funny dog Christmas to your dog loving friends.

10. Santa cancels Christmas deliveries due to COVID meme

Christmas COVID meme

Since governments are cancelling everything including some holidays due to COVID, Santa has decided to cancel Christmas deliveries. Hopefully this is last years news and we can move on.

This Christmas meme from Santa shows how canceling everything can cause harm to children, why would you cancel Christmas deliveries for COVID? Well, because of the uncertainty of COVID.

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